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Michigan State University Extension, Wayne County 4-H Youth Development (East District)

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Impacts and Outcomes

4-H Community Center
J.C. Penney After-School Program
2007-2008 Impact Statements (Participant Response)

Question: What type of activities have you participated in this school year?  How have they made a difference in your life?
  • "Basketball has made a difference in my life because I have somewhere to come and keep me out of the streets."  Chris, male, age 16.


  • "I have participated in basketball, computers, and gardening.  It keeps me off the streets and from doing bad things."  Anonymous, male, age 18. 
  • "I have played basketball, music, and have gardened.  It has hleped me to stay out of trouble afterschool." Antonio, male, age 14.
  • "I participated in basketball and afterschool learning.  I've got a positive attitude and a better jump shot."  Anonymous, male, age 13.
  • "It helped me get better with my gardening and when I get grown I will help my grandmother with her garden." Shavonte, male, age 13. 
  • "I participated in the drumming.  That helped me play a musical instrument I didn't know how to play.  I also participated in the basketball team that helped me learn teamwork." Michael, male, age 15. 
  • "I have participated in basketball, Be Your Own Boss, Leadership Training and more.  It really didn't make a difference in my life, it just made me learn and understand more.  These topics made me learn how to start and work my own job as the boss, know how to lead and control a group, the fundamentals of basketball and many more learning qualities."  Marshall, male, age 15. 
  • "I was in baskettball, junk band, and peer mentoring.  All of them helped me in ways I needed to be helped in.  The teen leadership porgram was fun on.  All the trips were fun."  Anonymous, male.


  • "I participated in Be Your Own Boss.  It made a difference in my life becasue one day I am going to own a business."  Anonymous, female, age 15.


  • "I have participated in gardening, basketball, Be Your Own Boss, Rap Session, and Peer Mentoring.  It has kept me off the streets and from making a lot of bad decisions."  William, male, age 15


  • "I participated in peermentoring, Be Your Own Boss, basketball, rap session, Youth Grow Detroit, and spoken word.  Life has been the same in the last year, I just did things daily." Anonymous, male, age 16.


  • "The activities that I particpated in was basketball.  It made a difference in my life because basketball is my sport that I love and dream to play for the wNBA. By me practicing right now developing my skills I will receive that gift."  Anonymous, female, age 14. 
Question: What positive changes have you made in the last year?  To whom or what do you give credit for the change?
  • "My grades came up from a 2.8 to a 3.1 and I give credit to Dr. Draw."  Anonymous, male, age 14.


  • "I have better money management."  Anonymous, male, age 13.


  • "The way I take care of things now and I control my anger a little bit."  Joshua, male, age 17. 


  • "Ms. Benjamin help me with my anger."  Anonymous, male, age 16.
  • "By getting better behavior."  Anonymous, male, age 11.


  • "I made a positive change on not saying the "N" word.  I thank Dr. Draw and Ms. Benjamin."  Michael, male, age 15. 


  • "I have changed.  I quit getting mad at everyone and fighting everyone.  My grades also changed in a way that I didn't have before."  Yvette, female, age 16.


  • "As from the last year I have always been a good student of the 4-H.  This year I have been even greater.  I may have got out of hands a few times, but that was rarely.  When I was talked to on my behavior I continued being what I was best...a good student of the 4-H.  I give credit to my teachers-Mr. Harrision, Ms. Benjamin, and Dr. Draw." Marshall, male, age 15.
  • "Staying in school and passing.  I give credit to everyone here"  Anonymous, female, age 15. 


  • "A positive change that I made in the last year is being more of a people person.  Also I am nicer.  I give credit to the 4-H for helping me out."  William, male, age 15. 
  • "I stopped talking about people."  Anonymous, male, age 14.
  • "I have changed because I am not so quick to snap.  I try to listen a little more."  Kenneth, male, age 15. 
Which Center staff or volunteer has helped you the most?  In what way?
  • "All three of the staff I have had has helped me the most.  They have showed me the way to be a lead and knowing how to behave.  They have showed me that not only can I be successful in life, but I can help young ones become successful in life by teaching them what I have learned."  Marshall, male, age 15.


  • "Mr. Harrison helped me because I get mad, but he's like a grandfather to me".  Anonymous, male.


  • "Dr. Draw has helped me because I would want to do what I wanted to do, but I am going to do it the best way so I can finish school and own my own business.  She's fun to be around."  Anonymous, female, age 15. 


  • "Coach Garrett helped me imprve in basketball and Momma Leslie helped me with my gardening."  Anonymous, male, age 14.


  • "Mr. Harrison because of what he told us in rap session."  Anonymous, male, age 16.


  • "That's a hard choice, really everyone has helped me out a lot.  I can't really say just one."  William, male, age 15.   


  • "The staff that helped me the most was Mr. Harrison.  He always has a positive attitude and tries to help me a lot."  Anonymous, male, age 14.


  • "My old coach [Coach Rice] has been here for years and she keep me on the right track and off the wrong one."  Kenneth, male, age 14.


  • "I have stayed out of trouble and I give credit to Mr. Harrison."  Antonio, male, age 14.


  • "Ms. Benjamin helped with my attitude." Anonymous, male, age 18.


  • "Ms. Benjamin taught me respect and discipline."  Anonymous, male, age 13. 


  • "Ms. Benjamin helped me with positive thinking."  Anonymous, male, age 16.


  • "Rev. Harrison taught me how to control my anger."  Joshua, male, age 17.
What do you like most about the program?  What message would you like to share with our funders and other supporters?
  • "I love the program because this program tell you how to be a good team leader and they also support us very well.  They will tell you how to get a summer job and how to apply to it and what they [employers] will ask for.  Thank you!" Yvette, female, age 16.


  • "I like the classes that we have and are shared with the student to become better leaders.  Usually some students would just come for the gym, but not me.  I come to learn and learn more, then when I learn I can play."  Marshall, male, age 15. 
  • "They make basketall and planting very interesting".  Anonymous, male, age 14.


  • "I like a lot of activities here and there are so many that I just can't choose one.  A message that I would like to send to the funders is that the 4-H has helped me a lot and the staff is a great one."  William, male, age 14. 


  • "Basketball was fun.  It gave me something to do after school."  Anonymous, male, age 16.
  • "Basketball has been a wonderful experience.  I hope I can do it again next year."  Chris, male, age 16.


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